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Spectra plast India Pvt ltd delivers comprehensive programs and services to the Food and Beverage processing, Machine building, sea food packaging, Chemicals, Steel, automobile etc. As the handling specialist in the field of conveying, the Spectra Plast product portfolio is providing solutions for complete lines in several industries in order to improve productivity.

In beverage industry palletizers, depalletizers, washers, labelers, fillers, pasteurizers, inliners, outfeeds, elevators and accumulation tables are equipped with Slat band chains, curves sprockets, belts, bearings, leveling elements and many more conveyor components. For the container manufacturing industry special products and materials are available, such as abrasion resistant polyamide for glass plants, vacuum chains for glass plants, vacuum chains for can making and gripper chains for vertical transport.

For food industry applications modular belts and components are used in deboning, grading and trimming lines for meat, poultry and seafood. A wide range of products is also offered for blanchers, cookers, washers, coolers and processing lines in fruit, vegetables, bakery, confectionary etc. And many more products are available for the handling of packed food. Among others they have also found their way into pharmaceutical production lines, battery manufacture, paper and cardboard production. In this modern era, requirement of conveyors are complex, that’s were Spectra Plast excels
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