Cylindrical Brush

CYLINDRICAL BRUSHES are made on core which is made of plastic or wood.

Disc Brushes

Disc brush are used for cleaning, scrubing, polishing and industrial cleaning.

Textile Brushes

We manufacture all type of textile brushes like COMBER BRUSH, SPIRAL BRUSH etc.

Twisted Wire Brush

TWISTED WIRE BRUSHES are also known as twisted brush, tube brush, bottle brush spiral brush. We can make single stem single spiral, double stem single spiral, double stem double spiral as per the requirement.

Natural Fibre Bristle Brushes

We manufacture brush made of Mexican Fibre, sisal fibre, tampico fibre.

Bristle Types Brush

We manufacture brush with PP,NYLON,PET,PBT bristles.

Wooden Brush

Wooden brush will have the core in wood instead of plastic core. We can do flat, cylindrican, disc brush in wood.

Strip Brushes

Strip brush are used mainly for sealing, polishing, protecting and guiding.
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